Monday, 4 February 2019

Hello world

Well its probably not the best start when the "world" is in fact just me, but let's pretend it's not quite like that, shall we? Right, my name is Tuka (nice to meet you - again lets pretend there's an audience), and this is the Organic Talks! This is actually the 3rd blog that I write, and the name was mere coincidence, as I was in fact brainstorming (I know right) with my brother, for names to our podcast to be. He didn't quite like this one (Yes! you guessed it) but I loved it, therefore I used it - only fair!
I've always been very communicative (talkative to be honest) always feeling the need to express my self through words, fashion, opinions, everything really, so thats how Organic Talks was born. Due to my need of expressing my opinions to others and to know theirs, almost in this unusual form of debate and always seeking for knowledge and new perspectives. Perspective is everything (we go back to that later).  
Why? Simply because I felt like it. It's the beginning of the year, new aspirations, new growth and development, it's just the right time to be me again and to share it with whoever decides to read this. So yeah, this is me, this is Organic Talks.

       Tuka x

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